Good news! The Government has announced plans to reform the large pub companies, but the campaign does not stop here. We want to keep the pressure on and strengthen the legislation as it goes through Parliament. Please continue to follow the campaign to help ensure a Fair Deal for your Local.
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Take part in the Government’s pubco reform survey


Click the button above to complete the online survey – this takes five minutes and is a really simple way to ensure your voice is heard.

Anyone can complete this – whether you’re a pub-goer, a pubco licensee or someone who has worked in the pub industry.

Not sure how to answer the questions? See our suggestion below.

1)    Confidentiality – this is up to you

2)    Should the Government step in to regulate the relationship between pub companies and tenants? Yes

3)    Is a statutory code and independent adjudicator the way to tackle the problem? Yes

4)    Both of these principles should be at the heart of the code: tenants must be treated fairly and lawfully, and tied tenants should be no worse off than free of tie tenants

5)    A compulsory free of tie option [market rent only option] is the best way to ensure tied tenants are no worse off than free of tie tenants

6)    The new statutory code should include the following to ensure tenants are treated fairly:

  • A right to an open mark rent assessment
  • Proper transparency in pricing so tied tenants can check they’re no worse off than free of tie tenants
  • A guest beer option

7)    The new adjudicator should have all of the suggested powers to protect tenants

8)    These reforms should apply to companies with 500 or more pubs

9)    Should there be a distinction between leased and tenanted pubs? This is up to you

10)  Are you a tied tenant, free of tie tenant, someone who works in the industry or a consumer? Choose whichever is most appropriate for you

If you are a consumer, this will be the end of the survey. If you are a tied licensee, there will be a few more questions about your individual circumstances and the challenges you’re facing. 

To strengthen your call for reform please also send a written submission to the consultation