Good news! The Government has announced plans to reform the large pub companies, but the campaign does not stop here. We want to keep the pressure on and strengthen the legislation as it goes through Parliament. Please continue to follow the campaign to help ensure a Fair Deal for your Local.
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Strengthen your case and call for pubco reform by sending in your own written submission to the Government’s consultation.

Send in your submission by 14th June 2013.



Please include the following in your submission:

 About you.

  • About you – are you a pub-goer, a pubco licensee or have you worked in the pub industry?
  • About your local circumstances – are pubs in your area struggling or closing because of exploitation of pubco licensees?
  • If you’re a licensee, explain your situation and give solid evidence on how the current situation is disadvantaging you

The Reforms.

  • We’re not asking Government to abolish the tie, we just want it to work fairly.  Pubcos have had almost 10 years to get their house in order but self regulation has failed so it’s time for a statutory (legally binding) Code of Practice for pubcos
  • Large pub companies take more than is fair or sustainable from pub profits so licensees are struggling to make a fair living.  To stop the large pubcos charging excessive rents and high beer prices, all pubco licensees should be offered a choice between a tied option and a Market Rent Only option.  For those who choose to remain tied, a Guest Beer Option should be offered.  This fair deal will result in the average tied pub being £4000 better off annually
  • It’s vital that there’s a system in place to ensure pubcos stick to these new rules – so the Code should be underpinned with a powerful new independent adjudicator that should have the power to arbitrate disputes, investigate breaches and impose financial penalties on pubcos that break the rules
  • The Code should not apply to Britain’s family brewers who operate a different model of the tie – so companies with under 500 pubs should be exempt but must abide by a separate voluntary code
  • Fairness and ensuring tied licensees are no worse off than free of tie licensees should be at the heart of the Code

For more ideas you could also refer to the Government’s consultation questions.